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At Manticorp, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your result, as such we offer a guarantee that you'll be completely happy with your photos. If you're not happy at the time of receipt, you have up to 28 days to file a complaint with us.

Upon contacting Manticorp you agree to abide by those clauses set by in:

  1. The Guarantee
  2. The Terms and Conditions
Additionally, you agree to abide to any contract, oral or written, agreed upon by both parties before or after the Event.

In certain circumstances, you may be asked to sign a written contract. There are two common contracts that you or others may be asked to sign:

  1. Model Release
  2. Property Release

The Model Release is a statement basically declaring that you will not object to use of your photographs without your explicit prior consent and that you are of a suitable age to sign a contract. It is most often used in cases where it is known that the photographs are going to be published commercially.

The Property Release states that all photographs taken on the agreed upon property are exlusively owned by the photographer and that no objection can be made to their use, with or without attribution and the photographer may do with them what they wish.